Empowering Literature and Imagination Through the Lens of Cosplay

Dive into Kat’s extraordinary journey where literature and cosplay collide, creating a vibrant tapestry of storytelling and creativity. Discover how her unwavering dedication is transforming the landscape of Black and brown literature one chapter at a time.

Former Fashion Designer . Forever Bookworm.

Journey with Kat Trinidad, Your Literary Enthusiast and Cosplay Maestro

Welcome to the world of Books En Vogue, Lead by Kat Trinidad a passionate book influencer, creative cosplayer and podcast host, on a mission to bring the magic of literature and storytelling to life. 

Kat’s journey is driven by the desire to bridge the gap between authors, publishers, and their readers, both reluctant and avid. She’s more than just an influencer; she’s the embodiment of the vibrant narratives that often go unnoticed. With every podcast episode and book presentation, Kat strives to spark conversations and ignite a newfound love for diverse literature.

In a world filled with unique characters and stories, Kat’s cosplay adds a whole new dimension to her book advocacy. By embodying beloved characters from the very pages she promotes, she creates a visual spectacle that’s as inspiring as it is captivating.

Join Kat on this literary adventure, where literature takes center stage, and where every book becomes a portal to a new world. Kat isn’t just a book influencer; she’s the voice that authors and publishers turn to when they seek to share their powerful narratives with the world.

Explore Kat’s world, celebrate diversity, and let your imagination soar through the magic of literature and cosplay.

Cosplay Highlights

Through the art of cosplay, Kat brings a new dimension to literature, blending the worlds of fiction and reality, and inviting you to step into the shoes of your favorite characters like never before.

✨ Character Cosplay✨ “Home will never be the same once you know what you are. Your whole life will change.” Inspired by Sunny from… 📚 Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor ✨ With her wasp artist perched on her forehead ready to sculpt Mami Wata and juju knife at the ready to make some magic to save the day, Sunny aka Anyanwu is indeed the “eye of the sun”! 💋 xoxo, Kat
🎃 Got some #bookmail #happyholloween Thanks @WilliamMorrowBooks for this copy of #asthewickedwatch by @Tamron Hall 👻 💋 xoxo, Kat
Cosplaying DJ Jazzy Jeff in… ⠀ ✨ Books en Vogue of Bay Area ✨ 🎶[Lyrics]:🎶 “Now this is a story all about growth, of the power of Black resilience during adversity, flows. Now, I’ll only take a minute of your time to endure, the many, many diverse genres that we’re bound to explore on this tour. ⠀ In the way I’m prioritizing, diversity shows, and elevating Black voices for struggles we know.


At Books En Vogue, our primary purpose is to promote literacy through books, prioritizing Black and Brown voices. We are dedicated to serving both reluctant and avid readers, addressing the common challenge of discovering books that not only represent diverse voices but also ignite a deep passion for reading.

Our mission is fulfilled through daily actions that involve immersive reading, allowing us to curate and present books that are not just suitable but exceptional, ensuring that every story we share inspires, informs, and entertains. By bridging the gap between readers and diverse literature, we aim to create a world where every book becomes a powerful catalyst for change, understanding, and connection.

Personal Interests and Fun Facts

Delve into the depths of Kat’s passions and curiosities, where her vibrant personality and zest for life shine through. Her unique blend of creativity and enthusiasm permeates every aspect of her world, shaping a truly captivating narrative that goes beyond the ordinary.

Garden Enthusiast

I love tending to my vibrant garden, nurturing hibiscus, monstera, basil, and roses, creating a beautiful oasis of nature right at home.

Spa Days & Me-Time

Self-care is a must for me. I indulge in at-home spa days, a dedicated time for pampering myself and nurturing my mental well-being.

Poetic Soul

As a poet, I find inspiration in life's beauty and emotions, expressing them through heartfelt verses.

Quirky Serenades

I have a fun quirk - I turn everyday moments into catchy, whimsical songs, and it's so contagious that even my husband has joined in!

Karaoke Star

When it's time to unwind, you'll catch me belting out my favorite song, Erykah Badu's 'Call Tyrone,' during spirited karaoke sessions. It's my go-to tune for an electrifying performance

Achievements and Collaborations

Awards: The All Ways Black Awards 2021 “Most Original Social Content”, Winner.

Recognition: The All Ways Black Awards 2021 “Bookstagrammer of the Year (10K+ Followers)”

Nominee; The All Ways Black Awards 2021 “Best Reel”

Nominee; Epic Reads 2021 Book Shimmy Awards finalist “Book Nerd of the Year”

Nominee; It’s Lit Literary Awards (Presented by Black Girls Who Write) “Best Black Book Blogger/ Content Creator”

Nominee; AAMBC Awards 2023 “Book Reviewer of the Year”, Nominee.