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Elevate your literary aspirations by collaborating with Books En Vogue, where every page comes alive with style, sophistication, and storytelling excellence.

Books En Vogue Packages

Whether you’re an author seeking to bring your masterpiece to life, a publishing house in pursuit of promotional brilliance, or an influencer looking to join forces in highlighting a favorite book, Kat is your creative compass. Her dedication to the written word is unmatched, and her ability to transform books into captivating imagery and storytelling is simply extraordinary.

  1. PAPARAZZI: Capture the essence of your book character(s) using cosplay in a dazzling photoshoot, with the added bonus of an Instagram feed post and shout-outs on various social media platforms.

  2. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!: Immerse yourself in the world of cosplay with a captivating film that’s perfect for Instagram and TikTok Reels, allowing you to showcase your character like never before.

  3. MARQUEE HEADLINER: Elevate your book’s profile with an Instagram Story promotion, making your literary creation the star of the show.

  4. ON AIR: Share your expertise or story as a podcast guest, and get the word out about your book – all at no cost.

  5. EXTRA, EXTRA: Get featured in a creative blog that highlights both you as an author and your book, giving your work the recognition it deserves.

  6. FLASHING LIGHTS: Combine the best of both worlds with a comprehensive package that includes a photoshoot and a captivating film, allowing your book to shine in style.

  7. HOLLYWOOD: Go all-in with our complete suite of services, encompassing everything from photoshoots and films to promotional features, making your book  the star of it’s own story!

Elevate A Books Promotion with a One-of-a-Kind, Captivating Experience

Your book promotion deserves more than the ordinary – it deserves to shine in a way that leaves a lasting impact. Kat’s expertise in cosplay, podcasting, and creative storytelling will ensure your work reaches its fullest potential. Reach out now and let’s collaborate on a campaign that will leave your audience in awe.