Season 1 | Episode 3

S1|E3: 23-234-01 | The Comet x W. E. B. Du Bois x Jacques Hunter

Show Notes: Fellow reader, Jacques Hunter is here to discuss this classic novel, The Comet by W. E. B. Du Bois. This book is perfect for fans of Afrofuturism. Jacques shares tips for setting the reading mood and reenacts a favorite scene from the book.

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Podcast Transcript:

Speaker 1 (00:00):
Give me an end of the world scenario leading to the last man on earth, a symbol of his oppressor and a thought experiment on what it would take to break down the barriers of race, class, and sex. Today we are exploring the first Afro futuristic story ever published. Are you ready?

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Speaker 1 (01:01):

Welcome book lovers, to The Books en Vogue podcast.
This is your premiere listening experience all about immersive reading and helping avid and reluctant readers alike imagine book characters like never before. 
I am your host, Kat Trinidad. 
The format of the show is I introduce a book, share tips on how you can engage your senses as you read this title, (Because it’s one thing to be a mood reader but you get a little something extra from the story when you are a set the mood reader) and finally I will end the show with a reimagining of my favorite scene.
Today We will discuss techniques for getting into The Comet by W.E.B. Du Bois.  And today is a very special episode because we are hosting our very first giveaway.  We have collaborated with Inspire the Tribe  to create a bookmark in celebration of this podcast launch.  Inspire the Tribe is an online store with products ranging from bookmarks to stickers and canvas art, all centered around Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) representation.
Ten lucky  listeners will have an opportunity to win a limited edition W.E.B. Du Bois bookmark. In her iconic flair, the designer behind Inspire the Tribe depicted the Civil Rights icon, W.E.B. Du Bois,  with a bookish spin on his famous quote.  It reads “ Either this book will destroy ignorance or ignorance will destroy this book.” This bookmark is the perfect reading compilation to The Comet or whatever book you find yourself reading.  Please stay tuned.  At the end of the show we will share instructions on how to enter to win.
 Today our special guest is poet, painter, fellow reader, and my baby brother, Jacques Hunter. Welcome Jacques.

Speaker 2 (02:58):
Hey, thanks for having me.

Speaker 1 (03:01):
Hey booklovers, if you didn’t know, my brother and I often read together for sibling bonding and The Comet was our recent pick.  So Jacques, please tell us about the book. 

Speaker 2 (03:15):
So the Comet, all right, it’s a sci-fi story about a black man who’s the sole survivor on earth. After a comment hits, he’s tasked with finding survivors or anyone that exists. And when he discovers someone else, there’s turmoil between them and he has to deal with that if he wants it better tomorrow. Speaker 1 (03:39):
Thank you so much for that, Jacques. Do you care to join me in a discussion of some tips for setting the reading mood?  

Speaker 2 (03:47):
Absolutely. Speaker 1 (03:49):
Okay. Book lovers, I hope you have your writing utensils ready, because Class. Is. In Session.

(((♪♫5 Senses Segment Intro ♪♫)))

Speaker 1 (04:16):
So Jacques, what’s the vibe?

Speaker 2 (04:19):
So the vibe in this book is an emotional chest grab. It leaves you with the willingness and the courage to say something when unfortunately at that point in time you don’t have a voice in the story. So it left me very emotional. What did you gauge is the vibe.

Speaker 1 (04:47):
I agree. I think that for me it was an emotional rollercoaster. So readers, when you pick this up, get ready to have the highs, the lows, but just know that even with the highs, it always comes back down again. So those were definitely the vibes for me.

Speaker 2 (05:06):
Major rollercoasters.

Speaker 1 (05:08):
Yeah. So Jacques, what do you think is the sound of the Comet? How can we engage our ears as we read this book?

Speaker 2 (05:19):
So for the most part you’re going to be engaged, but I would say if you’re looking for an ominous backdrop that kind of brings you more into the story. There is a song by the Jimmy Castor Bunch called It’s Just Begun, and I believe it sets you on a right path to journey through this short story. Did you find yourself gravitating towards a particular sound in this book?

Speaker 1 (05:53):
No, actually I needed complete silence, like the creepy eerie silence. So silent that you’re wondering where is everyone that kind of silence. So yes, I would highly recommend reading it in silence and see if that doesn’t add to the field of this book. So very different from you. Very different from you. So could you please share the aesthetics with us?

Speaker 2 (06:28):
Ooh, the aesthetics. I couldn’t really gauge in aesthetic for you. I think visually I could paint it. I can set it up as sort of a spread of food items that aren’t desirable to eat, but that’s probably the only aesthetic I could give you. Did you visualize something in that?

Speaker 1 (07:01):
For me, I felt like the aesthetic was, or something that could add to the aesthetics of reading this book would be bright lighting and needed to be bright because that’s a stark contrast to the idea of a comet. Or maybe not. Maybe that adds to it. Wouldn’t it be bright? Would you think it would be bright or would you think it would block out the sun?

Speaker 2 (07:27):
I think it would block out the sun just,

Speaker 1 (07:32):
But I felt like with reading it in a sunny room, it just made me feel like if a cloud passed over any moment now that would creep me out of the book that I was reading.

Speaker 2 (07:47):
Okay, okay. Yeah. So

Speaker 1 (07:49):
Yeah, a very bright room so that any kind of shadow that passes over would definitely give you those heart palpitations.

Speaker 2 (08:01):
I didn’t think I need any more of those, but I do get the appeal.

Speaker 1 (08:06):
Alright, so those were the aesthetics for me. So what do you think is the flavor?

Speaker 2 (08:11):
I mean, two for four at this point, I couldn’t really give you a flavor and I don’t know if that was the intention of the author to not engage in my taste buds at all, but I couldn’t taste anything. Did you taste something in it or did you want to taste anything in it?

Speaker 1 (08:37):
I can see that. Yeah. No, I didn’t. As a matter of fact, I found myself very parched as I read the book and I leaned into it by denying myself water until I got to certain parts of the story. And then I like gorge water, take a bite of a beef jerky and then no more until I finish the book. I very much feel like this is one of those books that denying yourself with food is best is best to really get into the feel of the book.

Speaker 2 (09:17):
Wow. Yeah, that’s kind of tough.

Speaker 1 (09:25):
So what do you think is the aroma?

Speaker 2 (09:29):
So the aroma is a tricky one, and I’m going to describe it as best I can, but just bear with me. So I’d imagine it’s like rotten butternut squash and a concoction of imbalance hormones and there’s just, there is elements of ominous elements that I don’t really want to smell and there’s sort of like an nearness or a smell of stench of bad energy that just makes me want to cover my nose at various points. So I wouldn’t recommend trying to breathe in this book, but maybe you have a different perspective. Did some smells permeate to you or

Speaker 1 (10:27):
Your list of smells are very specific? Very specific. I would say that for me the aroma was incense and I found myself burning stuff like frankincense and just something that would, any type of incense really, but stuff that would give me a earthy smell and something that would give a little bit of smokiness in the room. So how can we get more of the feels?

Speaker 2 (11:00):
Kind of sitting yourself within yourself? And I don’t know if that for you, that means going to a park and just taking in what’s around you, getting your water and just doing everyday things for you. But the feels for me, like we said, was a rollercoaster. And so I think if you want to get more of the feels, it’s also about setting the balance, at least for me in reading this book. Very emotional. How did you get into the book More?

Speaker 1 (11:29):
For me, getting more of the feels entailed, getting uncomfortable, right? So if I typically like to read snuggled up in a blanket, I read without the blanket, I read with a draft in a room with the air conditioner on full blast and just feeling a little bit chilly, a little bit uncomfortable because it was a way to get outside feeling what the book was doing to me psychologically. Right, the discomfort. Well, there you go. Book lovers. These are your recommended supplies as you read this title. If you’re able pause and get some of these if available or simply imagine because it’s time for my favorite scene disclaimer, please note that exact words, names, locations, or scenarios mentioned in this re-imagined reenactment may differ from the actual book sharing.

(((♪♫Scene Segment Intro ♪♫)))

Speaker 1 (12:42):
Before the Comet starring Jacques Hunter as Jim and worker number two and Kat Trinidad as worker number one, president and clerk.

Speaker 2 (12:53):
Nothing. I am nothing.

Speaker 1 (12:57):
The comet. Speaker 2 (12:59):
The Comet.

Speaker 1 (13:01):
Well Jim, are you scared?

Speaker 2 (13:05):

Speaker 1 (13:08):
I thought we journeyed through the comment. Tell once, oh that was Haley’s. This is a new comment. Quite a stranger. They say, wonderful, wonderful. I saw it last night. Oh, by the way, Jim, I want you to go down into the lower faults today.

Speaker 2 (13:30):
Of course, they want me to go down to the lower faults.

Speaker 2 (13:33):
It’s too dangerous for a valuable man.

Speaker 1 (13:38):
 “Everything of value has been moved out since the water began to seep in,” “but we miss two volumes of old records. Suppose you nose around down there,-it isn’t very pleasant, I suppose.”

Speaker 2 (13:53):
Not very

Speaker 1 (13:54):
 “Well, Jim, the tail of the new comet hits us at noon this time,” Here’s the keys.

Speaker 2 (14:12):
It’s so dark. (((scream)))

Speaker 2 (14:18):
Fricking cobwebs too.

Speaker 2 (14:23):
Where is it?

Speaker 2 (14:31):
Is that Gold


Speaker 1 (14:38):
If you have enjoyed this sneak peek, you can get more by reading the whole book.  The Comet is available at your local library and everywhere books are sold. And if it’s not, request it, because you deserve to read all the books that interest you!
And if you have already read The Comet, or are in the middle of reading it, let me know in the comments what you like to do to set the mood for reading. Please leave your feedback. I would love to hear from you!

Now if you are interested in winning one of the 10 limited edition W.E.B. Du Bois bookmarks designed by Inspire the Tribe, please leave a rating on whatever platform you are streaming this episode, After you have left a rating with comment, please screenshot it and email  (that’s b-o-o-k-s-e-n-v-o-g-u-e @ gmail (dot) com) with the subject line: bookmark giveaway. This giveaway ends on 12 September at midnight/ PST. Winners will be emailed within 24 hours of the contest’s end.  If you are interested in what these look like, please visit my website www(dot)booksenvogue(dot)com, click on the link for today’s podcast transcript or visit my IG page @booksenvogue.

So Jacques, is there anything else you would like to share with the listeners?

Speaker 2 (16:15):
Yes. First and foremost, thank you for giving away for this platform to exist. It was fun to compel myself to engage elements into my reading. And yeah, I’m always creating and getting involved in the community or just supporting the message of other timely creatives. I have my very first single coming soon to various music platforms and I would hope listeners can stay tuned to absorb my work and others like me.

Speaker 1 (16:45):
Thank you again, Jacques for joining us today.
And thank you, book lovers, for listening. 
With peace, love and joy, happy reading.
(((♪♫The Books en Vogue Podcast  Outro ♪♫)))

Giveaway: (10) Lucky winners will be selected to win a limited edition W.E.B. DuBois bookmark designed by Inspire the Tribe. No purchase necessary. This giveaway is open to both U.S. and International listeners. To enter: Please leave a rating on whatever platform you are streaming the podcast episode. After you have left a rating with comment, please screenshot it and email  with the subject line: bookmark giveaway. That’s it! This giveaway ends on Tuesday, 12 September 2023 at midnight/ PST. Winners will be emailed within 24 hours of the contest’s end.

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