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23-230-01 | Jackal x Erin E. Adams 

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Author Erin E. Adams is here to discuss her debut novel, Jackal. This book is perfect for spooky season. Erin shares tips for setting the reading mood and reenacts a favorite scene from the book.

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Podcast Transcript-
Speaker 1 (00:03):
Give me a black female protagonist, her predominantly white peaceful hometown, the unraveling of this small town’s darkest secrets, and this genre bending thriller-mystery- horror novel will leave you, questioning the history of an area’s demographics while equally fearing the origins of urban legends.
(((♪♫The Books en Vogue Podcast  Intro ♪♫)))
Speaker 1 (01:00):
Welcome book lovers, to The Books en Vogue podcast.
This is your premiere listening experience all about immersive reading and helping avid and reluctant readers alike imagine book characters like never before. 
I am your host, Kat Trinidad. 
The format of the show is: I introduce a book, share tips on how you can engage your senses as you read this title, (Because… it’s one thing to be a mood reader but you get a little something extra from the story when you are a set the mood reader). And finally,  I will end the show with a reimagining of my favorite scene.Today We will discuss techniques for getting into Jackal,  with none other than the author,  Erin E. Adams. 
Speaker 2 (01:43):
Hey, thank you so much for having me.
Speaker 1 (01:45):
Please tell us about the book.
Speaker 2 (01:48):
So Jackal follows Liz, a young black woman who goes back to her hometown in the Rust Belt. She has not been to her hometown for many, many years, for many, many very good reasons that she is there for her best friend Melissa’s wedding. So at that wedding, Melissa’s young daughter, Caroline vanishes. There’s this massive search started, and as everything starts to come to light, Liz realizes that there have been, uh, a lot of missing children in the woods around her town, and they’re all black and they’re all girls. And so they’ve been kind of going under the radar for years and years and years. And now she has to get to the bottom of it once and for all before it is too late for Caroline and possibly too late for her.
Speaker 1 (02:38):
Thank you so much for that, Erin. I read the book and I loved it, and I hope our book lovers love it as well. Well, while I’m have you here, do you care to join me in a discussion of some tips for setting the reading mood?
Speaker 2 (02:54):
Oh, I would love to.
Speaker 1 (02:57):
Okay. Book lovers. I hope you have your writing utensils ready because class is in session.
(((♪♫5 Senses Segment Intro ♪♫)))
Speaker 1 (03:24):
So, Erin, what is the vibe? How can we engage our spirit as we read this book?
Speaker 2 (03:33):
The vibe is definitely a spooky, I know spooky season is right around the corner, and this will get you right in that mood . Um, it’s eerie. It’s definitely a book that you read late at night, but with all of the lights on.
Speaker 1 (03:50):
I can see that. I can see that . So, so what is the sound of a Jackal? What key notes in music or nature can set the tone as we read this novel?
Speaker 2 (04:01):
I would say that Jackal sounds like a, a very quiet moment in the forest, or, um, a late night drive when the Spotify or whatever have you just kind of shuffles things around through time and genres. And then if I had to pick a genre for music, uh, a lot of this book came from listening to the catalog of Valerie June and Mereba.
Speaker 1 (04:28):
Okay. Okay. So do share the aesthetics. How can any visuals aside from the book, you know, I know you mentioned lighting, but are there anything else or is there anything else that could add to the aesthetics?
Speaker 2 (04:43):
Uh, I would say when it comes to visuals, this is one of my favorite scriptures for a time of day. Uh, it’s not just dusk, but it is the time between dog and wolf where at first glance, when something is approaching you on the horizon, it’s just dark enough that you can’t tell if what’s walking towards you is friend or foe.
Speaker 1 (05:05):
That’s creepy. .
Speaker 2 (05:07):
ha, ha, ha, ha
Speaker 1 (05:09):
But very appropriate . What is the flavor? Any food or drink companions for this title?
Speaker 2 (05:17):
Ooh, A your deepest, most complicated red wine, um, and a Pennsylvania gob, which, uh, I’ve realized I’ve had to explain since moving to New York. What a gob is. It is like this, uh, cake, like cookie sandwich thing that has two, usually chocolate, two chocolate cookie cakes, and then, um, really dense, homemade, uh, cream in the middle. Uh, and they’re just dense and delicious and they’re the kind of, um, I’d recommend for the flavor. It’s also a mouthfeel of anything that kind of sticks to the roof of your mouth right behind your teeth.
Speaker 1 (05:58):
Okay. Okay. Um, what is the aroma? Are there any smells that would transport us into the pages?
Speaker 2 (06:07):
Mm, yes, I am, I’m a big, I’m a big fan of these smells. Uh, maybe not the last one, but I would say, uh, any sort of like of those amber smells, uh, skin musk, uh, trees, all sorts of like fresh tree scents. Um, that scent that comes right after it rains and mix it all together and then throw just a sharp, just a slight sharp hint of something burning very far away.
Speaker 1 (06:34):
Okay. Okay. And finally, how can we get more of the feels?
Speaker 2 (06:41):
Oh, Jackal definitely feels, it feels like a long summer night where you’ve been awake for like, maybe two hours past your bedtime, and it’s just as hot at night as it is during the day. And it also can feel like, it feels like a well furnished home, but with one thing out of place, you don’t know what that thing is.
Speaker 1 (07:10):
Nice, nice. Well, there you go. Book lovers. These are your recommended supplies. As you read this title, if you’re able pause and get some of these if available, or simply imagine because it’s time for my favorite scene. Disclaimer, please note the exact words, names, locations, or scenarios mentioned in this re-imagined reenactment may differ from the actual book.

(((♪♫Scene Segment Intro ♪♫)))
Homecoming  (((pg 14-18 | Hardback U.S. Edition)))
Starring Erin E. Adams  as Melissa Parker aka Mel 
& Kat Trinidad as Elizabeth Rocher  aka Liz.
(((♪♫Soap Opera Instrumental starts… ♪♫)))
(((cell phone ring)))
Speaker 1:
How does she always know exactly when to call? Hey, Mel.
Speaker 2:
You’re here.
Speaker 1:
I am.
Speaker 2 (08:29):
So how does it feel to be home?
Speaker 1 (08:34):
My home is dead.
Speaker 2 (08:36):
Liz, stop being so damn dramatic. It’s one weekend.
Speaker 1 (08:41):
Fine. Let it be known, I buried this place. When I look at a map of the United States, my eyes drift over all 309 miles of a state that isn’t quite the heartland or the coast. As I stand in this Appalachian intercostal of America, I find myself in a liminal expanse. A cruel riddle. Oh I’m sorry did I say that out loud?
Speaker 2 (09:05):
Can I get a weekend for my wedding, please?
Speaker 1 (09:08):
You get exactly forty-eight hours, no more, no less—HEY conductor, Wait!
Speaker 1 (09:28):
Speaker 2 (09:31):
How do you feel about funfetti for a wedding cake? It’s interesting, right? It’s all they had at the store. The bakery couldn’t rush the order, so I am currently on layer three of a five layer cake.
Speaker 1 (09:49):
My God, this place is remote.
Speaker 2 (09:52):
That’s just the station. Listen, Garrett just sent me a picture of the view at the venue. It’s absolutely stunning.
Speaker 1 (10:02):
Glad you finally decided on a place the day before the ceremony. Where is it?
Speaker 2 (10:08):
Oh, we’re using Nick’s place.
Speaker 1 (10:10):
Like his house?
Speaker 2 (10:12):
His land. It’s picturesque.
Speaker 1 (10:17):
And where exactly is this land?
Speaker 2 (10:21):
It’s…the woods. We’re in the woods, okay? .
Speaker 1 (10:27):
You’re kidding, right? No, no. You must be kidding.
Speaker 2 (10:32):
Elizabeth Rocher, please tell me you’re gonna be cool about this.
Speaker 1 (10:34):
Wh—what do you mean “cool”? How is this cool?
Speaker 2 (10:41):
I don’t know—we were going to grab the ballroom at the Holiday Inn, but they’re closed for the weekend because a pipe burst. We were gonna do it in the yard, but then Nick offered and It’s beautiful, Liz. Just beautiful—
Speaker 1 (10:53):
I understand, but I
Speaker 2 (10:55):
Please don’t tell me you’re gonna run.
Speaker 1:
<chokes back a laugh>
Speaker 2:
I didn’t–I’m sorry–I didn’t mean that.
Speaker 1:
Yes you did.
Speaker 2:
Liz. please.
Speaker 1 (11:09):
Speaker 2:
Speaker 1:
are so lucky.
Speaker 2 (11:11):
Thank you.
Speaker 1 (11:12):
So lucky. Oh. Ah. Yeah. I forgot to give you a heads up.
Speaker 2 (11:21):
Speaker 1 (11:23):
It’s, um, me, just me. Okay.
Speaker 2 (11:29):
Yeah, yeah, I know.
Speaker 1 (11:32):
That’s okay. It won’t mess up the headcount or
Speaker 2 (11:36):
No? No. I don’t want that asshole here. I want you.
Speaker 1 (11:41):
Speaker 2 (11:42):
I need you here. Believe me.
Speaker 1 (11:45):
You okay?
Speaker 2 (11:47):
Uh, I’m fine.
Speaker 1 (11:50):
No, you sound,
(((strong noise)))
Speaker 2 (11:54):
I sound what?
Speaker 1 (11:55):
Um, stressed.
(((strange noise))))
Speaker 1 (12:00):
Speaker 1 (12:01):
Did you hear that?
Speaker 2 (12:02):
Speaker 2 (12:04):
Liz? You sound far away. Liz, you still there?
(((strange noise)))
Speaker 1 (12:12):
Yeah. I’m, I’m, I’m here Mel.
Speaker 2 (12:17):
Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow.
(((♪♫Soap Opera Instrumental stops… ♪♫)))
Speaker 1 (12:23):
If you have enjoyed this sneak peek, you can get more by reading the whole book. Jackal is available at your local library and everywhere books are sold. The paperback will be out September 5th, so now is a great time to pre-order and request it because you deserve to read all the books that interest you!
And if you have already read Jackal , or are in the middle of reading it, let me know in the comments what you like to do to set the mood for reading, because I would love to hear from you! So, please leave your feedback. 
Erin, is there anything else you would like to share with the listeners?
Speaker 2 (13:03):
Um, yes. I have a couple of exciting, fun, uh, things coming up. Uh, first off, the paperback for Jackal is coming out on September 5th, and then on October 3rd of this year, I have a short story out in the Black Horror Collection that’s been curated by none other than the Jordan Peele. It’s called Out There Screaming. It’s October 3rd of this year. Then I have another short story in a, uh, young Adult Black Horror Collection that’s called The Black Girl Survives In this one very timely title that is out Uh, that’s out April 4th, 2024. And then finally, last but definitely not least, my second novel. One of You is out April 23rd, 2024. It deals with sisterhood, Haitian folklore, and the dream slash nightmare of America.
Speaker 1 (13:59):
Wow, that all sounds very exciting. Again, thank you Erin for joining us today. And thank you book lovers for listening. With peace, love, and joy… happy reading!
(((♪♫The Books en Vogue Podcast  Outro ♪♫)))

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