📚 Spotlight 📚 ⠀ ✨Guess who has a new book with a title that will make you blush, if your mind is in the gutter like mi…

📚 Spotlight 📚

✨Guess who has a new book with a title that will make you blush, if your mind is in the gutter like mine?😊

Yep, it’s Nikki Giovanni!

And contrary to my opening comment this is a really sweet non-sexual book! Hands down another reason this author is becoming a top favorite and go-to for poetry!

📚 Make Me Rain by Nikki Giovanni

Synopsis (via @goodreads): One of America’s most celebrated poets challenges us with this powerful and deeply personal collection of verse that speaks to the injustices of society while illuminating the depths of her own heart.

For more than thirty years, Nikki Giovanni’s poetry has inspired, enlightened, and dazzled readers. As sharp and outspoken as ever, this artist long hailed as a healer and a sage returns with this profound book of poetry in which she continues to call attention to injustice and give readers an unfiltered look into the most private parts of herself.

In Make Me Rain, she celebrates her loved ones and unapologetically declares her pride in her black heritage, while exploring the enduring impact of the twin sins of racism and white nationalism. Giovanni reaffirms her place as a uniquely vibrant and relevant American voice with poems such as “I Come from Athletes” and “Rainy Days”—calling out segregation and Donald Trump; as well as “Unloved (for Aunt Cleota)” and “”When I Could No Longer”—her personal elegy for the relatives who saved her from an abusive home life. 

Stirring, provocative, and resonant, the poems in Make Me Rain pierce the heart and nourish the soul.

❤️ Once again this author is serving a poetic flow of rawness discussing everything from life cycles to politics to Tupac. This the type of book that forces you to slow down and just take it all in. It may be a quick read but don’t be surprised if you find yourself doubling back to reread the instant favorites! Cheers to another book that may never leave my shelf! 🥂

✨ Is this book on your radar?

💋 xoxo,

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