“You are worth getting to know… Never forget that. “ ⠀ 📚 Let the World See You: How to Be Real in a World Full of Fak…

“You are worth getting to know… Never forget that. “

📚 Let the World See You: How to Be Real in a World Full of Fakes
by Sam Acho

NFL linebacker, speaker, podcaster, and humanitarian Sam Acho gives a blueprint for taking off our masks and living lives of genuine authenticity.

Most of us hide. We play small and don’t live up to our full potential. Sam Acho was one of those people. As an NFL linebacker, for example, he earned his MBA but told no one because he was afraid of what people might think if they found out that he cared about things that weren’t “normal” for his profession. After many years of hiding himself, the person he had become had no connection to the real Sam. Only when he lost a friend and a mentor did he realize he was doing it all wrong–just like many of us do, when we try to become someone we’re not. All the while, we ignore the unique gifts and talents and personality we truly possess.

But there is another way of living: Let the world see you. Your quirks, your passions, and your inner desires were not given to you by accident. And the world needs your gifts.

In Let the World See You, Sam Acho shares lessons from his own life as well as stories from others to reveal how you can overcome your fears and discover your true selves. Being the real you pays big. No one else has what you have. No one else can share what you share. Let the World See You helps crack the shell of people who are in hiding and reveals the benefits of a lifestyle lived on purpose.

✨Shabbat Shalom! Please note this falls in the genre of Christian nonfiction with heavy scripture references. Even as a non-Christian I was able to understand the underlying message with appreciation of the author sharing his vulnerabilities and snippet of a life story. This young man, as my great grandmother would say, is giving his testimony. And it is one definitely worth hearing.

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