📚 Bookish Thoughts 💭 💬 ”…until we hate the tribalism, racism and xenophobia that separates us more than we hate ea…

📚 Bookish Thoughts 💭 💬 ”…until we hate the tribalism, racism and xenophobia that separates us more than we hate each other we remain as anti-African as the oppressors that oppress us, and love will never reign in our generations to come.” Enlightening • Emotional • Honest 📚 No Such Thing As Halfway: A Novel by Achu ‘RifleX’ Ebong Mba 💡 Synopsis: This celebrated, indelible debut novel, by Achu ‘RifleX’ Ebong Mba, gives voice to both young man and young lady as they tell the story of their long-distance romance, and the forces that threaten to tear it apart. Demi and Yonas have been dating for almost six years since they met on social media. Though their families expect them to only take spouses from their respective tribes and/or country, Demi and Yonas promise each other to fight the traditions and break the mold. Eight years into their long-distance romance, after wearying and extensive battles with both Demi’s family and Yonas family, their future is endangered when Yonas bails out of their pact cascading their relationship into demise. Depleted, contrite, and filled with regret, Yonas knows the only way to save their relationship and keep his promise to Demi is to go back for his beloved. But is he too late? An exhilarating novel of immeasurable emotional power, No Such Thing As Halfway asks how much we are willing to sacrifice for the sake of love or for the sake of family. ❤️/ 💔 Racism by another word is tribalism and it’s prevalent in Africa and America. Discovering this, even today, is an issue for first and second generations of Africans in America was eye opening. Yonas Is Kenyan and Demi is Nigerian. Their families don’t know each other but are like the Montagues and Capulets. Whoa! This was as sweet as it was heartbreaking. Then to reflect on it being a true story is a whole other ball of emotions. ✨ Discover this quick read for yourself! 💋 xoxo,

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