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5 Methods for Ensuring Student Safety While Using Technology in the Classroom

In all things, “safety first!” Educators and learning institutions must take appropriate measures to ensure students are safe physically and mentally when in their care. The virtual learning environment is no different.

Here are five methods for ensuring student safety while using technology in the classroom or online:

  1. To combat carpal tunnel syndrome and eye strain, teachers should encourage home ergonomic solutions and remind students to move and take frequent breaks when working on computers.1
  2. To combat inappropriate materials, schools can limit accessible websites on their network and encourage parental control installations on home networks.
  3. To combat child predators and cyberbullying, teachers can take the approach of discussing it, addressing it, and reporting it.
  4. To combat malware/ cyber attacks, encourage regular technological maintenance (software/firewall updates) and immediate reporting of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and phishing.
  5. To combat legal issues, educate students on copyright law, the Fair Use Act, and creative commons.

Technology is a big part of our lives and school-aged children today are very much digital natives: They grow up with technology rather than learning the skills as an adult digital immigrant.


1 Donovan, J (2018). Enhancing learning through technology. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

Can you think of any other ways we can all be proactive in ensuring the safety of students in the virtual environment?

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