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5 Acceptable Rules of Netiquette in the Classroom

net·i·quette (/ˈnedəkət,ˈnedəˌket/) noun- 1) the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the Internet. 2) social etiquette for the internet.

Oxford Dictionary

Although there are many variations for the rules of engagement online, here are a few to consider:

  1. Be courteous and respectful when communicating with others online1
  2. Always Give Credit to Original Source1
  3. Remember to Be Effective, Thoughtful, and Ethical Digital Creators1
  4. Think (Exercise mindfulness when posting to ensure meaningful, safe, and responsible way) 1
  5. Don’t send offensive pictures or messages to anybody 1

Technology is a big part of our lives and school-aged children today are very much digital natives: They grow up with technology rather than learning the skills as an adult digital immigrant.


1 McGilvery, C. (2012). Promoting responsible and ethical digital citizens. Retrieved from

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