#ReadInterfaith ✨ Day 5 Today’s theme is “Slept On”✨ ⠀ 💬 “…it wasn’t about the jokes, and that night in Long Beach I fi…

#ReadInterfaith ✨ Day 5
Today’s theme is “Slept On”✨

💬 “…it wasn’t about the jokes, and that night in Long Beach I finally began to understand it. Comedy was about connecting with people in places so personal that it actually made them uncomfortable, and then showing the humor in it.”

Here is your #blackjewishbookchallenge pick:

📚 Jokes My Father Never Taught Me by Rain Pryor

📚 Bookish Thoughts 💭

Tribute • Conversation Starter • Vulnerable

Abridged Synopsis (via @Goodreads): The loving yet brutally honest memoir of the daughter of comedy legend Richard Pryor.

Rain Pryor was born in the idealistic, free-love 1960s. Her mother was a Jewish go-go dancer who wanted a tribe of rainbow children, and her father was Richard Pryor, perhaps the most compelling and brilliant comedian of his era.

In this intimate, harrowing, and often hilarious memoir, Rain talks about her divided heritage, and about the forces that shaped her wildly schizophrenic childhood. In her father’s house, she bonded with Richard’s grandmother, Mamma, a one-time whorehouse madam who never tired of reminding Rain that she was black. In her mother’s house, and in the home of her Jewish grandparents, Rain was a “mocha-colored Jewish princess,” learning how to cook everything from kugel to beef brisket.

❤️ I saw “Fried Chicken and Latkas” and even met the author in person, but never could I imagine this to be her life’s story. From the first page, I could not look away. From Richard Pryor’s wild upbringing to Rain’s childhood, the drama did not end. Many of the scenarios were so wildly insane, they were almost funny. I am at a loss for words in talking about this one without giving entirely too much away. I loved this! It was a vulnerable glimpse of a memoir and beautiful tribute to a father everybody laughed for but never knew his pain.

💔 I am curious to know more about how such a childhood has molded Rain. I want to know more about her life as an adult.

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❔Have you read this or seen the production of “Fried Chicken and Latkas”?

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