#ReadInterfaith ✨ Day 4 Today’s theme is “New to You Author”✨ ⠀ 💬 ”I feel as if we speak two different languages and I …

#ReadInterfaith ✨ Day 4
Today’s theme is “New to You Author”✨

💬 ”I feel as if we speak two different languages and I am the only one who can speak both, who even knows that there is more than one to be learned.”

“I don’t trust the everyday: it is a mask, a sham. It gives the illusion of permanence, of an unshatterable calm, a placid surface; and yet underneath the pot is slowly coming to a boil.”

Here is your #blackjewishbookchallenge pick:

📚 Black White and Jewish: Autobiography of a Shifting Self by Rebecca Walker

📚 Bookish Thoughts 💭

Coming-of-Age • Conversation Starter • Raw and Honest

Synopsis (via @Goodreads): The Civil Rights movement brought author Alice Walker and lawyer Mel Leventhal together, and in 1969 their daughter, Rebecca, was born. Some saw this unusual copper-colored girl as an outrage or an oddity; others viewed her as a symbol of harmony, a triumph of love over hate. But after her parents divorced, leaving her a lonely only child ferrying between two worlds that only seemed to grow further apart, Rebecca was no longer sure what she represented. In this book, Rebecca Leventhal Walker attempts to define herself as a soul instead of a symbol—and offers a new look at the challenge of personal identity, in a story at once strikingly unique and truly universal.

❤️ Where do I start? Wow, this book was a lot to digest. As the biracial child of a divorced celebrity author and civil right crusader, she navigated childhood neglect, Black spaces, the white gaze, Jewish identity, acting as the racial/cultural translator, endured racism, and feeling torn between loyalty of blood and race. Using the coping mechanisms of drugs, sex, lies, rage, and clieving to unhealthy friendships, this story sent me on an emotional rollercoaster.

💔 There was a part in the story that literally ripped my heart out. Okay maybe not literally, but it was gut wrenching and devastating and to top it all off, a very true story. I won’t ruin it with a spoiler, but be prepared.

✨ Recommendations: Everyone #readoutsideyourbubble

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