#ReadInterfaith ✨ Day 1 Today’s theme is “Poetry”✨ Here is your #blackjewishbookchallenge pick: ⠀ 📚 Yarmulkes & Fitted …

#ReadInterfaith ✨ Day 1
Today’s theme is “Poetry”✨
Here is your #blackjewishbookchallenge pick:

📚 Yarmulkes & Fitted Caps
by Aaron Samuels

✨Excerpt (shared with permission. Thank you @writebloodypublishing & @PoetryAaron):


Black is the stain on me
that everyone feels
comfortable ignoring.
Jewish is that too.

The water keeps me here;
I am not sure if I want to stay.
When I say rope,
I mean that which coils and unfurls.

When I say Black,
I mean that which is
constant as water.

Water coils and unfurls.

Jewish is that too.
When I say mother, I mean
which keeps me here;

feels more comfortable ignoring:
Black, the stain, that too.

When I say unfurl, I mean my afro,
Jewfro—it coils
and coils.
When I say keeps me here, I mean

I cut it off, curl by curl. When I say cut
I mean plucked, I mean Jewish;
a stain that everyone feels
comfortable plucking rope by rope.

The water keeps me here.
When I say here,

 I mean not here; never was;

a stain
everyone feels more comfortable ignoring,

a rope which coils and unfurls—
remains as constant as water,

which keeps me here,
which brought me here.

 Black is that too.
Jewish is that too.
Jewish is Black too.

The stain is the water
is the rope; the curls
and unfurling

like an afro
like an afro
like an answer
plucked out of the water

by Black.”

✨ I will share my full Bookish Thoughts in a separate post. This poem instantly got my attention upon reading “Yarmulkes & Fitted Caps”. In fact the entire collection is an emotional journey on identify, questioning Blackness and Jewishness, in a coming of age collection that almost reads like an autobiography in prose. Please see my follow up post for more information!

❔QOTD: How can we create spaces where people can be honest about their identities?

💋 xoxo,

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