#ReadInterfaith ✨ Day 1 Today’s theme is “Poetry”✨ ⠀ Here is your #blackjewishbookchallenge pick continued (see my previ…

#ReadInterfaith ✨ Day 1
Today’s theme is “Poetry”✨

Here is your #blackjewishbookchallenge pick continued (see my previous post for an excerpt from this title):

📚 Yarmulkes & Fitted Caps
by Aaron Samuels

📚 Bookish Thoughts 💭

Multifaceted • Comfort Zone Shake-Up

Synopsis (via publisher): “Aaron Samuels, raised in Providence, Rhode Island by a Jewish mother and a Black father, is a Cave Canem Fellow and a nationally acclaimed performer. In this ground-breaking collection of poems, Samuels examines the beauty and contradictions of his own mixed identity with gut-wrenching narratives, humor, and passionate verve.”

❤️ This book really explores masculinity, Blackness, Jewishness, relationships, and family in a multitude of different poetic formats. Each poem was an exploration in personhood. It was very personal and felt much like reading someone’s diary, if not, raw autobiography.

This book contains a glossary to decipher Hebrew/ Yiddish terminology and concepts unique to both Jewish and Black culture for the author’s hometown. Additionally the appendix includes references, workshop inspirations and discussion prompts. At 113 pages, this was a very quick read!

I was especially intrigued by one particular poem incorporating Hebrew Alef-Bet, transliteration, translations, and their parallels to patterns in real world events. That one was especially genius in its creative exploration.

Lastly, the incorporation of Blackness and Jewishness such as in the piece entitled, “Letter from Octavia Butler to Rabbi Moses Maimonides” spoke to my Black & Jewish heart!

💔 Many of the poems were difficult or heart breaking to read. Trigger Warning! From suicide to racism and not limited to anti-semitism, please tread lightly as many of these poems are heavy.

✨ Recommendations: Everyone #readoutsideyourbubble

❔What was your last great poetry book?

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