📚 Bookish Thoughts 💭 ⠀ Gripping • Gossipy • Tragic ⠀ 💬 ”Style will get you up the steps into the revolving door; subs…

📚 Bookish Thoughts 💭

Gripping • Gossipy • Tragic

💬 ”Style will get you up the steps into the revolving door; substance and knowledge will allow you access to create new horizons. My great depth of knowledge is the number one skill I possess and has carried me throughout my career to this day.”

📚 The Chiffon Trenches: A Memoir
by André Leon Talley ❓Do you know the legends of fashion? Do you really know them?

💡 If you thought a bio was enough, ALT is sure to take you on a trip of pettiness, sex, drugs, and filthy rich antics…

Abridged Synopsis (via @goodreads): “ #TheChiffonTrenches offers a candid look at the who’s who of the last fifty years of fashion. At once ruthless and empathetic, this engaging memoir tells with raw honesty the story of how André not only survived the brutal style landscape but thrived–despite racism, illicit rumors, and all the other challenges of this notoriously cutthroat industry–to become one of the most renowned voices and faces in fashion.”

❤️ There was name dropping and dirt dishing like you would not believe. From racism to narcissism, there were detailed accounts on the “use and abuse” culture as well as a call out on the vultures within the industry. I especially enjoyed the snarky rhetoric of the author critiquing the people from models, designers, editors to foes that was both funny as it was informative. I grieved with his childhood abuse and empathized with his battle with weight and stress eating. The mutually beneficial friendships gained and lost throughout this book was delightful as it was tragic in an overly glorified world built on vanity.

💔 About 90% of the people in this book were despicable. I am not sure if this was due to exaggeration or truth, but I will definitely be on the lookout for response memoirs or interviews. Which brings me to my next concern that not many relevant or living industry wave makers were mentioned. I was especially shocked that Tyra Banks or ANTM were not mentioned…at all. It makes me question if she was a NFF or if information was purposely omitted.

✨ Recommendations: Fans of the author and fashion enthusiast.

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