📚 TBR & Waiting 📱 ⠀ 💬 “Reclaiming my time.” ⠀ 💡 I loved this saying so much I had to get it on a shirt! ⠀ 📚 Queens …

📚 TBR & Waiting 📱

💬 “Reclaiming my time.”

💡 I loved this saying so much I had to get it on a shirt!

📚 Queens of the Resistance: Maxine Waters
by Brenda Jones and Krishan Trotman

“Part of the four-book Queens of the Resistance series, saluting some of the most beloved boss ladies in Congress: a celebration of Representative Maxine Waters, who reclaimed her time and led the first calls for impeachment 
Maxine Waters is an icon for a generation of women powerbrokers in politics. She is an “unbought and unbossed” acolyte of all the legendary firebrands, like Shirley Chisholm, Barbara Jordan, Tupac, and Malcolm X. The daughter of a single mom from St. Louis, she’s smart, sassy, and an outright firecracker. She is the first woman of color, and the first person of color, to regulate the boyz at the big banks as the powerful chair of the House Financial Services Committee. Auntie Maxine called out the crimes and corruption of this Oval Office with precision before anyone else dared to take a stand. Make no mistake, she is coming for the “king,” and whenever she aims, Maxine Waters doesn’t miss. 

With illustrations, deep research, and writing as endlessly quotable as she is, Queens of the Resistance pays tribute to this phenomenal woman.
About the series: Each book of the Queens of the Resistance series will be a celebration of the rebellion against the oppression of women and an embracement of the new in the United States government. The series is adorned with sass, discernment, and the badassery of the present and future leadership. The Doomsday Clock is at a minute to midnight, and the patriarchal power grid that lights “the shining city on a Hill” is about to black out. It’s time to yield to the alternative—the power of women.”

✨ Thanks so much @plume_books for gifting this book! I plan to read it this month!

💋 xoxo,

P.S. Now it’s time for my obligatory hashtag rant! Let’s all try to read more #Blackliterature because #Blackbooksmatter & #Blackstorieshavepower ✊🏾I ❤️ #Diversereads  I ❤️ #Diversespines I am here to #Diversifybookstagram! 👍🏾 Sincerely, #BlackGirlReading 📚

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