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📚 Bookish Thoughts 💭

💬 Slow Burn • Drama • Witty

📚 Mr Loverman
by Bernardine Evaristo

❓Let’s talk about secrets!
I have yet to hear a good one that wasn’t a marriage proposal or pregnancy reveal. And sometimes even those are debatable as good news depending on the recipient. What was the last title you read with a juicy secret about the main protagonist? (Share the title. Keep the secret 🤫🤐!)

💡 Mr. Loverman tells the story of Barrington ”Barry” Walker, an Antigua born 74-year-old man living in London. He’s very straightforward with the reader from the beginning that he lives a double life. While he is a family man and entrepreneur to the public, he is secretly in love with his childhood friend, Morris. He’s been living a lie for over 60 year. In this 284-page tome, Evaristo pulls back the layers of why and the collateral damage along the way. And just like the effects of peeling an onion, I found myself in tears from the sorrow, the humour, and the beautiful telling of this story.

🔑 This book deals with issues of
* Sexuality
* Family
* Love
* Pain
* Redemption

❤️ / 💔 Make no mistake Barry is wrong. He is the bad guy here for cheating, lying, and setting things in motion of which few families can recover. Yet through the varrying points of view, I was able to see him as a victim of his time and culture. Somehow his character skates in that morally grey area that is kind of enduring. Besides he was downright hilarious. The slow build of this plot and ultimate conclusion was well worth the read!

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