Optimizing the Library’s Visibility Online

“What is the value of libraries? Through lifelong learning, libraries can and do change lives, a point that cannot be overstated.”

― Michael Gorman, Our Enduring Values: Librarianship in the 21st Century

The Library Digital Presence or lack thereof majorly impacts its visibility and relevance within the communities they serve. It is for this reason that promotion ideas have the capability to add interest and continued mutual support. A few creative and cutting-edge ways libraries are engaging with their communities are as follows:

 Sharing new acquisitions– Encouraging patrons to share #newhaul or #libraryloot via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  allows patrons to discover the library’s latest books and media. Similarly, Pinning book covers on Facebook or Bookface on Instagram (the practice of creating the optical illusions of book covers with the body, such as a face on the cover).  

Creating reading lists– Encourages circulation of certain titles, for example in support of LGBTQ+ or Caribbean Heritage in the month of June, again, allows patrons to discover the library’s latest books and media. Additionally, it encourages tolerance and lifelong learning of various social issues, causes, cultures, and heritages.

Collecting ideas for library displays– this initiative aids in keeping libraries on-trend. Staying current on current events and in the know on popular culture, libraries can tweak their displays to reflect tones appealing to their ideal audiences.  For example, when singer/songwriter, Lizzo,  emerged as the breakthrough artist of 2019 with her double-platinum hit, “Truth Hurts,” and two platinum singles, “Good as Hell” and “Juice” Hoover Library at McDaniel College went viral when their “I am 100% #thatbook” display made headlines. Their play on the artist’s lyrics resonated with library users locally and globally.  

As an online literary socialite currently performing many of the above-mentioned promotions, I believe I would have the same comfort enacting these in the spaces of public libraries. Personal strengths for success would include familiarity with social media platforms, knowledge of basic photography, mindfulness of the national awareness observances, and an awareness of the community’s buzz.  

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