📚 Bookish Thoughts 📚 ⠀ Does the personal happenings of authors affect you? Would one or more ignorant tweets shift yo…

📚 Bookish Thoughts 📚

Does the personal happenings of authors affect you? Would one or more ignorant tweets shift your perspective on their books? Does insensitive tendencies constitute a drop in ratings? The more important question is, should it?

After finishing this book, I was on cloud nine. In spite of the fumbling plot and dislikable characters along the way, in producing my preferred ending, which is defaulted to happy, I was content. And I wanted to remain in that state of bliss as a fan of love thus receiving the love I sought in text. That is until my curiosity pushed me to seek the author online only to find her bio picture for sale. In complete disbelief I reached out to the publisher and they confirmed this lack of transparently. Armed with the knowledge of stock photo usage and feeling thoroughly catfished, thus I questioned the integrity and authentic voice of the author as well as reexamined that of which my heart wanted to overlook on first read.

Degrees in Love by Tai Wayne tells the romantic story of Laney and Tie. She is a psychology professor seeking tenure and acceptance in the male dominated small community of Black professionals in faculty. He is a talk radio personality/author business advisor battling impostor syndrome yet still benefiting from white privilege and suffering from a strong case of naivety. Their paths cross and they embark on a whirlwind romance that weaves a plot addressing the complications of class and race.

The bright side of this novel is there was zero time wasted with courting. Nope, they bumped uglies rather quickly (her being a groupie and all). The pace of the book was refreshingly fast tempo for a romance.

The glaring red siren was everybody was annoying from the best friend to the colleagues to the love interest himself. Any yet I rooted for their success. Call me hopeless. The unsatisfying resolution that basically explained nothing yet it allowed the story to move along and answered my longing for bliss. In the end, even weeks later, I am still very much on the fence between grudgingly love and heartbreakingly despise.

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