πŸ“š Book mail ⭐️ Flash Giveaway β € Special thanks to @harperperennial for a copy of this novel and allowing me to share th…

πŸ“š Book mail ⭐️ Flash Giveaway
β €
Special thanks to @harperperennial for a copy of this novel and allowing me to share the joy in a giveaway.
β €
πŸ“š This is Major: Notes on Diana Ross, Dark Girls, and Being Dope
by Shayla Lawson
β €
Estimated Publication: 30 June 2020
β €
Shayla Lawson is major. You don’t know who she is. Yet. But that’s okay. She is on a mission to move black girls like herself from best supporting actress to a starring role in the major narrative. Whether she’s taking on workplace microaggressions or upending racist stereotypes about her home state of Kentucky, she looks for the side of the story that isn’t always told, the places where the voices of black girls haven’t been heard. With a unique mix of personal stories, pop culture observations, and insights into politics and history, Lawson explores the many ways black women and girls have influenced mainstream cultureβ€”from their style, to their language, and even their artβ€”and how β€œmajor” they really are. Timely, enlightening, and wickedly sharp, This Is Major places black women at the centerβ€”no longer silenced, no longer the minority.
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⭐️ There is a flash giveaway happening right now in my stories for this title. It’s super easy to enter (1) follow me (2) take a snapshot of the giveaway image in my stories(3) post & tag 2 friends and me. That’s all. Two winners will be selected 6/25 midnight/PST. Be sure to check out this giveaway in my stories before it disappears!
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I am a fool for a strong title, and this one has my full attention. I have a feeling this will be my weekend binge!
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What is your hook for trying new books? Is it a pretty cover, feminist protagonist, trauma, etc.? Everyone has at least one.
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πŸ’‹ xoxo,

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