📚 Quotable Moment 📚 … So many quotable moments… ⠀ “It’s a gift if it makes us better. It’s a curse if we let it de…

📚 Quotable Moment 📚
… So many quotable moments…
⠀ “It’s a gift if it makes us better. It’s a curse if we let it destroy us.”

💭 This makes me think of this situation. I got a cute book sleeve with matching mask out of it. Now all I need is a corresponding headwrap. Oh, and my fiance is back to reading! I’m on my second reading of this book and I ran into his bookmark. It’s money! He uses bills 💸 y’all and I am tickled! 😆 What is the craziest bookmark you have seen or used?

Ohh, my second favorite quote:

”Tell them they can be great someday, like us. Tell them they belong among us, no matter how we treat them. Tell them they must earn the respect which everyone else receives by default. Them them there is a standard for acceptance; that standard is simply perfection. Kill those who scoff at those contradictions, and tell the rest that the dead deserved annihilation for their weakness and doubt. Then they’ll break themselves trying for what they’ll never achieve.”

📚 Now reading…
The Fifth Season
by N.K. Jemisin

🤔 I should finish this today, if I binge. I am looking forward to this buddy read discussion on Saturday. Shoutout to everyone participating! You all keep me motivated! 😊

I am curious to know what fashions are trending as a result of this pandemic and where I can get more book sleeves, masks, and possibly head wraps. Let’s talk, book lovers!

💋 xoxo, Kat

P.S. Now it is time for the obligatory hashtag rant! 😃Thanks for checking out this post! I ❤️ #diversereads ! I ❤️ #diversespines I have #readingis but, please don’t blame the #bookstack ! I am a #readerofinstagram , hear me roar 🐯 ! RAWR! *cough, cough* Yeah, so I am a #bookworm , so hug 🤗 the #booklover #currentlyreading #bookish hashtag loving #aspiringlibrarian and #readingismysuperpower ! 😁 I am with the #bookobsessed I am down with #blacknbookish #instareads  #ownvoicesreviews #ownvoices #booknerdigans & #badassbookbabes 🦄 Algorithms are my best friends 😂! #bookstagram I am here for you! We definitely need more #booksofinstagram for a #bookshark of #booksparks like me! Sincerely yours, #blackgirlreading 🙌🏾! Happy Reading! 📚

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