📚Diverse Novel to “Netflix” Movie Adaptations 🎥 ⠀ To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (series) by Jenny Han ⠀ 💕 To All …

📚Diverse Novel to “Netflix” Movie Adaptations 🎥

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (series) by Jenny Han

💕 To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
💕 P.S. I Still Love You
💕 Always and Forever

So I was scrolling through Netflix when I saw a release for book one and trailer for the sequel on this series. I looked to my shelf and noticed I have the complete trilogy…unread! The lead protagonist is half Korean-American and the author is Korean-American. The actress playing the character is Vietnamese-American with supporting sibling characters of Han Chinese descent and another that’s Canadian. I’ve noticed Asian casting tends to be racially ambiguous and question if this complete disregard is offensive. I’m not of Asian descent so I cannot fairly answer that one, so I did some research. One argument implies the representation of minorities in media alone should suffice, in whatever capacity. Another view in the issue argues that racial ambiguity reinforces cross-race misidentification. Perhaps my recent reads have lead me to be more aware of these issues. Am I reading too much into this? Is it too much to ask that movies maintain literary integrity? I still plan to read the series and follow up with watching the movies, but it will definitely be with one brow raised.

📚 Thoughts? 📚

💋 xoxo, Kat
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