📚Bookish Thoughts 📚 ⠀ If your friend finally stood up to her abusive husband and called to tell you about it, would yo…

📚Bookish Thoughts 📚

If your friend finally stood up to her abusive husband and called to tell you about it, would you help her hide the body? Are you willing to go down a spiral of which you could never emerge clean? YESSSS, this book is extreme. No it doesn’t cool down for one second and the danger of involvement, heat from authorities, and other bad guys involved only turns up the heat. This book was a guilty pleasure for me. I’ve only read a few crime drama thrillers. And even then, I typically feel a sense of self righteousness in mentality condemning them all and hoping they get caught (I.E. justice being served) 😏, but this one actually made me root for the head villain protagonist. There’s no one innocent in this one. There’s so many elements of surprise that the pages just flew by and the size of this book wasn’t intimidating at all. Each character was so well crafted that they each felt real. Did I mention, “girl power”? Yep, this one is female dominating the badassness! 🙌🏾 One thing that irked me was my knowledge of the setting and how it created a bit of a plot hole🧐, but I won’t mention that here (Inbox me if you’ve read this and want to discuss). The ending was sad, a little perplexing, and mildly happy. There’s far too many emotions to describe it as one! This book was dark, thrilling, and unpredictable.

⚠️ Trigger warning ⚠️
This book contains themes of rape, murder, and dismemberment.

💋 xoxo, Kat
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