📚Bookish Thoughts 📚 ⠀ *Pre-Order your copy today [Expected Release: 3/3/20] ⠀ ⠀ Short but powerful. I thoroughly enjoy…

📚Bookish Thoughts 📚

*Pre-Order your copy today [Expected Release: 3/3/20]

Short but powerful. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. This was rich in Jamaican speculative historical fiction. This novel tells the story of a Jamaican man who faked his death, and came to America to start anew. The plot goes from his story to the roots of his family tree and back again. Mostly all of the supporting characters each had a story to tell within this collection of short stories in different times collectively contributing to the whole.

This book forces me, as a woman of color, to question my heritage. How much do I know of my family tree? How far can I go before the birth certificates become slave purchase receipts? Will I even know then? As one of the historians for my family, I know these answers and yet, that is still not enough. The names stopped far sooner then I had hoped. I still question many of the decisions made by some that I may never know the answer. Those who couldn’t read and write didn’t keep journals. But I am babbling…. Again, this was beautify written and will haunt me for a long time!

💋 xoxo, Kat
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