📚 Now Reading & NYE Reflection 📚⁣ ⁣ First off why is #kindred labeled science fiction? This is horror! Being spirited…

📚 Now Reading & NYE Reflection 📚⁣
⁣ First off why is #kindred labeled science fiction? This is horror! Being spirited away from modern day to slavery times as a woman of color.., no thank you 😨! I find myself taking breaks, afraid to turn the page and see what happens next. 😳 ⁣⁣
Dear 2020, ⁣⁣
I can’t wait to meet you at midnight! I have so much planned. I hope to read with the focus of my future career in mind! I want to read books I won’t feel guilty of recommending to a bright young mind as an academic librarian. I want to read with a focus on people of color as I aim to work within a diverse demographic establishment. I want to be that black proud Afro American book pusher they never knew existed rocking my walking obstruction of an Afro and quoting Maya Angelou. That’s my vision, y’all 😊! I want to engage productively on bookstagram… commenting more, highlighting my peeps making waves, and encouraging all readers! I want to be less afraid to speak my mind and more terrified of remaining silent. I want to read more to the children and bring them books of characters that look like them. I want find more creative ways to snap a picture and promote authors, publishers, and artists. I want to buddy read, IG chat, and bring you all more new words. Thinking of the year 2020 makes me feel old.🤔 Yet it also makes me feel hopeful. I look forward to continuing this bookish journey with each and everyone of you! Let the countdown begin!⁣⁣
💋 xoxo, Kat P.S. Now it is time for the obligatory hashtag rant! 😃Thanks for checking out this post! I ❤️ #diversereads ! I ❤️ #diversespines I have #readingis but, please don’t blame the #bookstack ! I am a #readerofinstagram , hear me roar 🐯 ! RAWR! *cough, cough* Yeah, so I am a #bookworm #ireadya , so hug 🤗 the #booklover #currentlyreading #bookish hashtag loving #aspiringlibrarian and #readingismysuperpower ! 😁 I am with the #bookobsessed I am down with #blacknbookish #blackbookstagram #yafiction  #ownvoicesreviews #ownvoices #booknerdigans & #badassbookbabes 🦄 Algorithms are my best friends 😂! #bookstagram I am here for you! Sincerely yours, #blackgirlreading 🙌🏾! Happy Reading! 📚

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