Every Book Must Prove Worthy!

Hello World,

We are fierce, fabulous, and fun loving.  Our generation cannot only be defined as YOLO, but as life enthusiast.  We live life with no apologies!

Oh, yes!  We want to be entertained with groundbreaking originality, soul changing love, infinite luxury, heart pumping adrenaline, shuttering sacrifice, and monumental literary memories.

Ready yet?  Because we are impatient. We want the aforementioned thrills of life and we want it now.

Today is just the beginning.  Here, I will present books an opportunity to prove its worth.  I will scrutinize and review because I too am a picky reader.  I am an elder millennial.  I am from a lineage of generational illiteracy so I am indeed my ancestor’s wildest dreams.  I have little time for bland pages.  I am a future librarian and book lover.  I read for the people.

Hold tight… until next post!  Every book must prove worthy of our time, our loyalty, our money, and ultimately the space on our shelves.



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